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The Logo Design Process

Your brand begins with your logo – your business identity at a glance. Every element is important: proportions, colours, fonts. They all contribute to that split-second message you send to your clients. It’s about building a relationship between you and your clientele.


We research your business and you, the more we know more about you and your business the smarter solutions we can come up with. We ask lots of questions, the more we know, the more it helps us work out what you need. We also look at your competitors locally and nationally as it gives us a greater picture of your industry and will help with the development of your Identity.


Lots of looking through our library of design books, magazines, catalogues and googling will help us with ideas. 


We sometimes work with traditional methods of drawing using a soft leaded pencil and paper to try out different ideas, rough sketches can help us visualise how it may look. This can lead us to scanning sketch Ideas to work up an idea on our computers


We try various different ideas on our Apple Computers using Adobe Illustrator to put together logo design concepts together. Typically the simpler the logo the more effective it is, we use the age old acronym “Kiss” - Keep it simple sexy”


We supply you with all the necessary file formats you are likely to need, this can range from JPEG, PNG, Ai, to a .EPS file. We will also supply your logo in a range of size formats for social media, such as a square format so you can upload it to your social media channel for your profile image. Whatever you think you may need we will supply it.

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