February 12, 2016


photoshop after editing

The first time I used Adobe Photoshop was at Art College, while studying a Photography HND, this was around 1994 and it was version 2.5. It was running on a Macintosh Quadra, which were a small fortune in those days. Editing images was painstakingly slow, you would make a minor adjustment and have to wait several minutes for the computer to do it, sometimes longer. Nowadays its pretty instant, if you have a half decent machine. Another godsend is you now have layers, when i first started they didn’t exist so you would have to make lots of copies of the file you were working on, in case you wanted to go back to a previous state. This combined with the history palette which lets you go back each time you make an adjustment makes editing your artwork lots easier.

photoshop before

February 12, 2016